About The Larrikins

The Larrikin Post is a small, dedicated team which at any point consists of at least one publisher (Oliver Freeman), one editor (Rupert Parry), and an array of knowledgeable, opinionated, and sometimes strange contributors from all over Australia and the world.

We release an issue revolving around a particular theme every month (roughly), and roll out extra content throughout the week.

Email us: [email protected]

Seeing a gaping hole in the literary landscape, we aim to create a solid base from which to air the opinions and commentary of contemporary intellectuals in regards to current affairs, news, and politics, as well as more philosophical musings. We value straight talking journalism and opinion, void from spin and insinuation, and honest opinions combined with factual, reliable content.

As a small organisation, we will not break your news (we don't aim to), but after you survive the onslaught of information out there on the web, you can come here to think a bit deeper on the issues of the day.

We are inspired by our adopted motto, courtesy of legendary Australian historian, Manning Clarke:

Soaring over them all is the larrikin; almost archly self-conscious -- too smart for his own good, witty rather than humorous, exceeding limits, bending rules and sailing close to the wind, avoiding rather than evading responsibility, playing to an audience, mocking pomposity and smugness, taking the piss out of people, cutting down tall poppies, born of a Wednesday, looking both ways for a Sunday, larger than life, sceptical, iconoclastic, egalitarian yet suffering fools badly and, above all, defiant.

Manning Clark