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Published 30 Mar 2014


    Change Your Mind

    You make a big decision, only to reverse it to do something you truly want to. Someone tells you something so compelling, that you completely change your opinion on an issue. You take a pill, and wait to see how your mind will alter under its influence. These are just some of the ways we change our minds, and some of the topics being probed in this exciting first issue of 2014.

  • Exclusive film preview review: Godzilla 2014

    The Larrikin Post bring you an exclusive preview of the most widely anticipated action film for 2014. Paul Campbell has been afforded a private showing of the soon-to-be-released blockbuster, and can reveal that it's worth the hype. Read.

  • Another casualty for free speech? Women eating on the Tube

    Film-maker Tony Burke has risen to attention because of a Facebook group he created in which people post sneaky photos of women eating on London’s Tube. He defends his creation in the name of "reportage" and "art". But how well does this argument stack up? And do only women eat on the Tube? (It doesn't, and they don't). Read.

  • I spent a month taking Ritalin every day to see what would happen

    It's 4:30 in the morning. I’m naked, and slumped over my computer like a slug on a slice of mandarin. My jaw is killing me because for some reason it thinks my teeth are no longer needed and is on a mission to grind them all to a pulpy and gruesome death. Read.

  • The time I stopped believing in God

    I was about 17 when I realised I was going to die one day. From what I hear most people figure it out a little quicker than that, but then I've always been a bit of a slow learner. Read.

  • You gotta fight for your right to be a knight

    The media has been awash with Tony Abbott's recent decision to bring back the knights and dames. However, the Larrikin Post is first to break the news of the other changes recently announced to Lord Abbott's cabinet. Read.

  • What makes a modern man?

    We're making great progress with forging a new identity for women. Yet, at the same time, men appear more and more confused about who exactly they're supposed to be. Simon Moore argues that we should spend some more time making the modern man. Read.

  • The trouble with keeping an open mind

    The Larrikin Post says "change your mind", and people everywhere say "open your mind". But here's the issue: the mind is not something to be passively opened, nor forcibly changed, writes Oliver Freeman. Read.


  • Book: A Million Ways To Die In The West

    Seth MacFarlane's first novel 'A Million Ways To Die In The West' is mouth-agape terrible. Sean Maguire reports. Read.

  • Food: Three Williams

    Three Williams in Redfern with it’s polished wood, exposed copper pipes and expensive lighting fixtures, is everything you want your future adult loft apartment to be and more. It’s trendy, so trendy in fact that on the menu the B&E isn’t even called a Bacon and Egg roll but rather, ‘The Merchant’. Read.

  • Film: The Wind Rises

    Jiro Horikoshi, hero of The Wind Rises, spends much of his time with his mind firmly elsewhere, focusing on pages of meticulous calculations or staring off-screen, lost in reveries of flight that border on hallucination. This sums up the fantasy of Hayao Miyazaki's last film as director, neglecting the folk tale magic of Spirited Away, Princess M... Read.

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