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Showing Issue What Really Matters?

Published 06 Oct 2013



  • Book: Zealot

    Zealot has recently been in the press because a news anchor grilled its author, Reza Aslan, on why he'd write a book about Jesus if he was a Muslim. (Answer: it's his job). But beneath this hype is a gripping work redefining the historical Jesus, who turns out to be a much different man than we might think. Read.

  • Film: Gravity

    The opening sequences alone would make Gravity worth the price of a ticket, but happily the rest of the film keeps reminding you of everything that can go horribly wrong in space. Read.

  • Food: Mary's

    Kara eats a burger at Mary's, the new bees' knees food depository located in Newtown in Sydney's Inner West. Read.

  • Film: The Turning

    There appears to be a trend in Australian cinema to view our country through a melancholic lens. The Turning, while great, is no exception. Read.

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