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Published 01 Jan 2013

  • The Hosni Disaster

    The verdict against Hosni Mubarak, along with the protests that continue right now, are a death blow to resolving Syria’s conflict Read.

  • Spotify Out of Tune with Musicians

    With the recent introduction of Swedish streaming site/nascent music monolith Spotify, as well as other streaming applications, Australians have seen a very sudden and rather bemusing shift in the musical landscape.Spotify allows the user to pay up to $10 a month to stream millions of songs to their smart phone or their desktop PC. Having used Spotify as well as r... Read.

  • The Lady and a Long Awaited Dream

    For Sa Bei Oo, joining the National League for Democracy (NLD) at age 21 seemed like the only logical thing to do. As she reminisced about the 1990 election, singing songs from the original campaign in her sweet voice, I admired her sense of loyalty to a political party for over 20 years. “It’s about being a humanitarian, so I chose to stand by a party that supports human... Read.

  • Men on Mars by 2030: NASA Speaks to Sydney

    Earlier this April, among the ageing sandstone arches of the University of Sydney's main hall, there was a curious change. Amongst the bleary-eyed wandering students, stood small groups of men in black suits with dark sunglasses and little curly wires connecting to their earpieces. A car with unbelievably tinted windows and a golden crown for a numberplate waited out ... Read.

  • After-Birth Abortion: Who's A Person?

    Lying at the heart of Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva's article, “After-birth abortion: Why should the babylive?”, published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, lies the concept of the 'person'. The first thing to note is that Giubilini and Minerva were not writing for a general audience. Most people assume that the term 'person' can be u... Read.

  • An Open Letter to Julia Gillard

    This letter has been sent and will have been received by the Prime Minister's office on the date of publication The Rt.Hon. Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia Parliament House Canberra Dear Prime Minister You are in luck. Out of the goodness of my heart and a deep seated... Read.

  • To Pasok and New Democracy

    The Larrikin has a few words of advice for the frontrunners of the newly formed coalition To Pasok, its leaders, and those of New Democracy, I am afraid I must be the one to inform you that you have just sold your country down the river. You have given up your dignity, your legacy and your heritage. Yes, all of that, as well as yo... Read.

  • Blaine and Najiba

    The public murder of a young Afghani woman, Najiba, in Parwan province is the most damning indictment of Western policy in this beleaguered country. It’s hard to believe that we are living in 2012 when witnessing an act of violation which would not be out of place in 1012. It’s as if all the progress we have made as the inheritors of the earth dissipates to nothing in th... Read.

  • Why People Thrive on Frustration

    The Mask was a whirling dervish wrapped in an eye-catching yellow suit and grotesquely featured green face, whose outrageous quirks were played for laughs for its target audience of primary school children. But it was also our first exposure to how our frustrations with the situations we find ourselves in can be mitigated or released. Of course, an ancient magical mask th... Read.

  • Can bankers' irresponsible behaviour be blamed on their hormones?

    I would hate to be the one making excuses for those corporate baboons whose stupidity and greed have caused global economic devastation. But new research suggests young male bankers may be driven to engage in risky behaviour by their raging hormones. In his book, The Hour Between Dog and Wolf<... Read.

  • My Year on the Xe-May: Potent Poisons, Castles and Kings

    I hold onto the bed for dear life my world spinning swiftly out of control. My eyes are bloodshot and pierced with pain. I blindly dash for the Bathroom. Vomiting incessantly for short relief. Hours pass and I awake again, this time drenched in sweat. I seem to have regained my senses and to all intents and purposes am alive. Once again surviving a tirade of illness that... Read.

  • My Year on the Xe-May: Moon Cake Madness

    For the last few days I have been stuck in horrendous traffic jams. Fortunately my trusty motorbike Cecilia has served me well. It also appears that I have been deceived my entire life. When the streets are full of cars the pavements and paths of the parks and public areas are in fact secondary reserve streets. They come into play when there is no more space left.... Read.

  • My Year on the Xe-May: Realising Reality

    Kerouac, Hemingway, Stark, Thompson, Stevenson. These are the names of literary greats with a great desire for travel. The vast majority of writers will glamorise living or travelling in new and different places, some neglecting or retrospectively enhancing the grittier and harsher points. When you stop then you realise how easy it was to just keep moving and when you'... Read.

  • Driverless Cars Legal in Cali: The Problem

    There has been much talk in recent years about self-driving cars and their prototype development driven by Google. Self-driving cars look like regular cars, but use laser technology and Google maps to navigate through regular city streets with all aspects of the car completely automated; some Google employees are already commuting to and from work in them. However... Read.

  • The Cuteness Factor in Conservation Campaigns

    Although they don't conjure up the same emotional reactions as say the fluffy panda bear or beautiful Siberian tiger, it has been found that one in every five plants is at risk of extinction. Endangered snails and the other less visually exciting invertebrates (such as the plain burying beetle or the pretty average looking Malachite Damselfly) don't achiev... Read.

  • Oh-limp-ics

    Have you noticed the subtle changes in the media language covering the Olympics as Australia’s golden expectations have been frustrated by reality of another mettle? We were talking up gold with James ‘the Missile’ Magnussen and his colleagues in the pool when all of a sudden things went ‘bling’. As the red bandanna bender Peter Fitzsimons noted ‘silver is the ne... Read.

  • Defecto-lympics

    The London Olympics have drawn to a close – and so has the chance for distressed athletes to defect in the pursuit of a better life. Seven Cameroonians are counting themselves lucky that the U.K has a policy of accepting asylum seekers. As celebrated and iconic as the Olympic Games is, it always suffers its share of hubris – a sporting event promoting unity, colle... Read.

  • The Jensen Sub-Text

    Archbishop Peter Jensen's defence of the Australian Prayer Book's marriage liturgy (Sydney Morning Herald 29 August 2012) is a case of John Milton meets Fred Nile. Jensen argues that it is right for women to vow submission to men in the marriage service for two reasons. The John Milton bit is the argument that the man is the woman's conduit to God. Aft... Read.

  • What a difference a month makes!

    We catapulted into Sydney from Europe on the day of Julia Gillard's escoriation speech in Parliament when she attacked Tony Abbott's stance on women while, unfortunately, failing to make a principled stand on Peter Slipper's SMSs. The world we had just left behind was one of austerity and paralysis. Greek culture is unable to embrace the austerity meas... Read.

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