Do women get a fair go on the track or are the men having a bob each way? Read.

  • O Solar Mio

    'Busy old fool, unruly sun' Do you know what you have done? A poem by Oliver Freeman. Read.

  • Energy = a miasma of coal & carbon

    Last year’s exhibition at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art celebrates Australian fossil fuel with its Einsteinian message, relatively speaking: Energy = A Miasma of Coal & Carbon. Oliver Freeman takes a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art and sees a different kind of exhibition than what's on show... Read.

  • You gotta fight for your right to be a knight

    The media has been awash with Tony Abbott's recent decision to bring back the knights and dames. However, the Larrikin Post is first to break the news of the other changes recently announced to Lord Abbott's cabinet. Read.

  • The trouble with keeping an open mind

    The Larrikin Post says "change your mind", and people everywhere say "open your mind". But here's the issue: the mind is not something to be passively opened, nor forcibly changed, writes Oliver Freeman. Read.

  • Getting rid of our need for a government

    With a government preoccupied by issues which don't matter much at all, the governing of Australia has been shifting from Canberra to the hands and wallets of the public. Read.

  • An Official Memo from the Minister for Silly Names

    My name is Alfonso van der Picklebum, the newly appointed Minister for Silly Names, and I am very glad to let you know that I am ready to report on the brief given to me by our new PM, Tony Abbott. He asked me to get to grips with all the silly names that have been used to describe Government departments in the past. Read.

  • The Australian Parliament: A Eulogy

    Oliver Freeman would like to mournfully acknowledge the passing of the Australian parliament, with deep condolences. Through the silliness in the senate, and growing public indifference, it has slowly been clubbed to death. Allow him to explain... Read.

  • Beyond Star-Trek: how privacy has changed in one generation

    The explosion in the willing publication by all of us of personal information on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (the FITs) is the major paradigm change of the 21st Century. And for my generation it is a change that is at once puzzling as it is concerning. Read.

  • Wireless

    A poem by Oliver Freeman. Read.

  • We need some more taboos: here's a list

    Many acts are considered taboo in our society, but only some of them are acted on. Oliver Freeman points out a few taboos with real reason to their existence. We might tut-tut at them, but we neglect to enforce them to the extent they deserve. Read.

  • On The Fairfax Aftermath

    The fracas at Fairfax in Australia with the announcement of swingeing redundancies in its newspaper workforce is symptomatic of the revolution that is sweeping through the media. It is not simply a digital revolution. Read.

  • New to Larrikin? Start here.

    The Larrikin Post is a small, dedicated team consisting of at least one publisher (myself), one editor (Rupert Parry), and a shifting base of contributors from all over Australia and the world, and we want to use journalism in a brand new way. Learn what we're all about. Read.

  • The Future of The Media

    Can publishers fix their financial woes by switching their print products for digital counterparts? Not likely. Consumer habits are changing at a broader, sociological level, not just a technological one, argues Oliver Freeman. Read.

  • Copyright, Left & Centre

    The introduction of the idea that the rights in works of art of all descriptions – books, plays, music, paintings, drawings, photographs, film and all - are owned or at least ownable by individuals or entities, is quite new. Oliver Freeman explores the issue of copyright in an internet age, and whether we can balance income with access. Read.

  • An Open Letter to Julia Gillard

    This letter has been sent and will have been received by the Prime Minister's office on the date of publication The Rt.Hon. Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia Parliament House Canberra Dear Prime Minister You are in luck. Out of the goodness of my heart and a deep seated... Read.

  • Blaine and Najiba

    The public murder of a young Afghani woman, Najiba, in Parwan province is the most damning indictment of Western policy in this beleaguered country. It’s hard to believe that we are living in 2012 when witnessing an act of violation which would not be out of place in 1012. It’s as if all the progress we have made as the inheritors of the earth dissipates to nothing in th... Read.

  • Oh-limp-ics

    Have you noticed the subtle changes in the media language covering the Olympics as Australia’s golden expectations have been frustrated by reality of another mettle? We were talking up gold with James ‘the Missile’ Magnussen and his colleagues in the pool when all of a sudden things went ‘bling’. As the red bandanna bender Peter Fitzsimons noted ‘silver is the ne... Read.

  • The Jensen Sub-Text

    Archbishop Peter Jensen's defence of the Australian Prayer Book's marriage liturgy (Sydney Morning Herald 29 August 2012) is a case of John Milton meets Fred Nile. Jensen argues that it is right for women to vow submission to men in the marriage service for two reasons. The John Milton bit is the argument that the man is the woman's conduit to God. Aft... Read.

  • What a difference a month makes!

    We catapulted into Sydney from Europe on the day of Julia Gillard's escoriation speech in Parliament when she attacked Tony Abbott's stance on women while, unfortunately, failing to make a principled stand on Peter Slipper's SMSs. The world we had just left behind was one of austerity and paralysis. Greek culture is unable to embrace the austerity meas... Read.